Report on a business or not-for-profit organization

Written report on a business or not-for-profit organization, investigate their ethics policies and practices, and preparing a written report to address the questions that follow below. Questions to Address: Does org have a mission or values statement? What ethical values are reflected in their mission or values statement? What is your critical appraisal? Is statement […]

Eyewitness Evidence Executive Summary

Review slides 48 to 142 of the Eyewitness Evidence: A Guide for Law Enforcement slide show on the National Criminal Justice Reference Service website. Discuss best practices to be used by police when conducting suspect identifications. Write a 350- to 700-word summary of your discussion. Format your summary consistent with APA guidelines.

discuss the reasons McDonald’s new strategy has been a success.​

McDonald’s success has been a result of its well-conceived and executed Plan to Win business strategy that focused on “being better, not just bigger.” One result was that McDonald’s stock was one of only two stocks on the on the Dow Jones Industrial Average to increase in price in 2008. After reviewing Chapter 1, discuss […]

Capella University Consultancy Department of ABC Bank Project

For this assessment, you will develop a 3–5 page plan for starting a consulting project, including an evaluation of a sample contract, an analysis of the project outlined in the contract, and a list of best practices for building trust with the client. To prepare for this assessment, read the ABC Bank Case Study document […]

ECN200 Grantham Microeconomics Labor and Wages Questions

Labor and Wages The following chart provides information on a firm that hires labor competitively and sells its product in a competitive market. Units of Labor Total Output Product Price 1 14 $5 2 26 $5 3 37 $5 4 46 $5 5 53 $5 6 58 $5 a.How many units of labor would be […]

Colorado State University Boundary Violations & Dual Relationships Pamphlet

You are a human services program administrator employed at an outpatient clinic that provides counseling services to 300 active clients.  Recently, one of the licensed professional counselors at your agency was terminated after several clients came forward with allegations of misconduct.  One client alleged the counselor asked for a discount on auto parts at the […]

Grantham Organizational Culture & Ethical Decision Making Discussions

1: Change Management Models Compare and contrast the various change management models. Provide a brief overview of your comparison. Which models have you seen implemented in the workforce? Next, recommend which change model you would use when implementing your new HRIS, and explain why you would use the selected model. 2: “Organizational Culture and Ethical […]

easy read direction you will fly by!

Hide Assignment Information Instructions Welcome to Corrections RODP Course Before you do anything, please read and print the syllabus. This is my contract to you. If there are ANY changes you will be informed via email in the course. At the beginning of every week you will need to consult the syllabus to determine what […]

North London Tutorial College Defending Against DDoS Essay

Learn About Defending Against DDoS Using WORD, write an ORIGINAL brief essay of 300 words or more: Find a DoS attack that has occurred in the last six months You might find some resources at Note how that attack was conducted. Write a brief explanation of how you might have defended against that specific […]

Select a global company or business and answer the following question

Select a global company or business. (See Forbes Global 2000 resource or other resources: (Links to an external site.)) If you were the CEO of this global company would you expand your business to a foreign country (select the foreign country), based on specific criteria of business ethics, human rights, available resources, and culture? Why […]