Need Help with Accounting Assignment

ello, I need help with completing a general ledger and other questions in the Accounting Practice Assignment for Week 3 in Connect. There are 6 questions that give unlimited attempts to score 100 Also need the Week 3 Connect Assignment completed. There are only 2 questions with only 1 attempt to get the best score. […]

What is the viewpoint of the Bible as related to submitting to governing authorities?

Submit a one and one-half to two page essay addressing the following questions: What is the viewpoint of the Bible as related to submitting to governing authorities? What are the consequences of not submitting to Godly governing authorities? Include any additional Bible verses, as well as research, in the essay that is relevant to this […]

Need help with question on Angle of Elevation

Please explain how you got your answers.

Who is Excellent in International Business Perspective and Management and Organizational Behavior

I’m looking for someone who does not use Chegg or Coursehero or any online cites to provide your answers. The professor checks these other sites as well. If do do this to provide your answers and dont use your own, let me know immedietly so I can choose someone else to assist me. I have […]

Ch 9 Legal Obligations and Contract Laws Questions

Answer the Questions and the Case Problems for Chapter 9, #1-15, pages 199-201. Make sure you clearly answer the question asked. (For example: ‘Will Puttkammer prevail?”) After answering the question either yes or no, you MUST explain your answer. If it just asks “Decision?” do not only answer he wins, or he loses. Explain your […]

What Happened During the 2007-2009 Recession?

Utilize the dynamic aggregate demand and aggregate supply model animations and videos in MyEconLab to analyze the macroeconomic factors that led to the 2007–2009 recession. How were GDP, inflation, and unemployment affected during the recession, and how does the model show this? What monetary policies and fiscal policies were implemented during the recession? How did […]

PSY150 Grantham University Law and Order Special Victims Unit Essay PSY 150 Application Paper TV SHOW: Law and Order Special Victims Unit (This is my chosen show) General Paper Requirements: All papers in all classes will be submitted to Safe Assign as a Word document. Please also bring a hard copy of your paper to class on the due date. Times New Roman, Calibri, […]

small home work.

Discussion 1 Pick one of the brands listed. Access the brand’s website. Identify the social media listed on the brand’s website, then access each of the social media pages. Go to YouTube and locate a TV ad of the brand. Discuss how well the website, social media sites, and ad you located on YouTube are […]

essay question 4

Chapter 4 of the assigned textbook “Wharton Managing Emerging Technologies – Identification and Assessment of Emerging Technologies”. Save and submit your work in the appropriate area of Moodle. Alternative submission type (i.e. eMail, hardcopy, etc.) are not acceptable. All submission needs to be in MS Word or Adobe Acrobat formats (only) which will be checked […]

Need someone who’s knowledgeable about the law to answer this question

DISCUSSION POST #1: review the following YOUTUBE video on what is and what is not a tort: =1&list=PLpbtRdN7xWUd2Mjw1haKHAu_g81xK0v72 Draft a discussion post based on the video and information provided below. Include in your response answers to the below questions: Marilyn Mosby, the chief prosecutor in the cases brought by the State of Maryland against […]