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Welcome to Corrections RODP Course Before you do anything, please read and print the syllabus. This is my contract to you. If there are ANY changes you will be informed via email in the course.

At the beginning of every week you will need to consult the syllabus to determine what chapters and assignments are due that week. Then, you will open the course module for that week and review the Power Point Presentation. It will be beneficial to read the chapter(s) prior to viewing the Power Point. Finally, you will turn to the Assignment link to determine what assignments are due that week. This is where you are now.

For this week you are to:

1) Read Chapters 1 & 2 in the textbook and review the Power Point in the Course Module.

2) After completing those assignments, visit the following web pages:

(a) Eastern Penitentiary:

(b) Pennsylvania Prison Systems:

(c) New York Correction History Society:

3) Please introduce yourself to the class on the Discussion Board, in the “Student Discussion Board”, which can be found in the discussion area.

To complete the introduction of yourself you will need to:

a. Go to the discussion link on the homepageb. Go into the Student Discussion Board

c. Compose a new discussion using your name as the subject.

d. Then in the message area answer the following questions:
Who you are, where you live, why you are taking Correctional Procedures online and what you hope
to gain from this course?

e. Please list your full name and email address so other students in the class will have access to your email.

4) Each week you complete an assignment submitted by the professor. This week the questions to be addressed are:

(a). Explain the Inquisition. Which issues led church leader to initiate and then maintain this institution. Did the Inquisition achieve its goals. (10 points)

(b). Compare and contrast the the two competing systems of prison design in American. What were the pros and cons of each system? How were they similar? One system is still present in today’s design, why is it still present and the other system is not? (15 points)

  • Please type the answer to these questions in Word for Windows
  • Your assignment should include your name and the questions asked
  • All questions should be addressed thoroughly
  • Please refrain from contractions and limit grammar errors. Points will be deducted for more than 3 grammar errors in an essay.
  • Do not quote or plagiarize from the book. Instead, put all writing into your own words. Plagiarism will result in a zero on this assignment.
  • Do not use web sources, other than the web pages listed above, to get information regarding the answer.
  • Your answer will be graded on length, style, spelling, grammar and contents. Please treat the assignments as you would any other essay assignment in any other college level course.

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