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PSY355 Argosy University Online Sleeping Problem Presentation

Signature Assignment: Construct a Presentation

As part of this assignment, you have addressed key elements relevant to your research topic; you will now finalize the application of those materials accordingly (training or webinar). Refer to your previous presentation assignments to finalize this presentation, and use any feedback/feed-forward provided by your professor and additional materials you have researched. Be sure to include all activities you will have your audience complete, along with any resources, handouts, etc., in accordance with your training or webinar.

Key points that should be evident in your presentation, at a minimum, are:

  1. Identify the need (prevalence/extent of the problem/gap/issue/concern) for the presentation (training or webinar).
  2. Specify target audience. Who will benefit from this presentation about I/O psychology? (Consultants, business leaders, HR professionals, students etc.)
  3. Identify evidence-based approaches in addressing the topic/problem you are presenting on and the population as well.
  4. Address ethical, cultural, and diversity needs and issues.
  5. Identify what you are proposing based on research findings and implications. What is the take away (employee selection approach, change process, management theory, etc.)? This will be presented differently depending on your topic, purpose, and style of presentation (training versus webinar).
  6. Address collaborative efforts needed and their purpose (people: consultants, business leaders, HR professionals, etc.).

You have the option to present your oral presentation to your professor or submit embedded audio clips in each slide as if presenting. Remember, you are presenting to an audience you are either training or conducting a webinar for; therefore, consider your language and tone accordingly.

Length: 15-20 slides, not including resources

Notes Length: 100-200 words for each slide

Your PowerPoint presentation should reflect professionalism in your usage of appropriate and appealing images and colors. Note: Good presentations do not contain too much information in the slides/transitions. They include enough information to pique the interest of the participants, and then the presenter completes the presentation with their narration.

Your presentation should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights (yours) relating directly to this topic. Your presentation should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards (slides should have citations where information is used from an outside source and there should be a references slide at the end with full APA citations of all material used in the presentation).

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