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Your Personal Digital Revolution

We all belong to different marketing generational cohorts who use and consume digital media in different ways. Using Figure 4.4 on page 99 in the text, identify your generational cohort.

Prepare a presentation of between 12 and 15 slides (excluding the title page and reference page.) Each slide should contain speaker notes of approximately 75 words providing the full commentary that you would give on that slide. Content on the slide itself should consist of short bullet points, not just a repetition of the speaker notes. Your presentation should address the following:

  • Select a specific product or service that you consume on a regular basis and buy such as music, movies (in theater or purchased), streaming video, books, or clothing.
  • Research and explain the buying habits of your cohort in general for this type of product or service.
  • Compare and contrast your own personal habits and analyze why yours are the same or different. Consider:
    • Where you get information when making a buying decision
    • What sources are credible to you
    • Whether you buy online or in-store or use a combination to make a decision
    • Your preferred buying method
  • Discuss what marketing communication methods are most effective for you when you are looking to buy your identified product/service and explain why. Show at least one example.
  • Discuss how the marketer has integrated that marketing communication with their other activities such as TV, print, online advertising.
  • Use a minimum of three references which should be listed on your final reference slide. Also if images are used, the course of the image should be noted under the image. Source: ______

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