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Yes, But Do You Know How To Write? Fried of Basecamp on the Importance of Writing Skills.pdf

The article attached above was posted on The New York Times “Job Market” website and appeared in the September 3, 2017 issue of the newspaper. Journalist Adam Bryant interviews Jason Fried of Basecamp, a web application development company that created Ruby on Rails. Fried has some important things to say about getting a job.

Read this article and pay particular attention to Fried’s answers to the questions “How do you hire?”, “So you give writing tests or ask for samples?”, and “What career and life advice do you give to new college grads?”.

Then, in this discussion forum, write your response to Fried’s recommendations. You should address issues such as Fried’s comments that

1. “The majority of our communication is written”

2. “I don’t like chat services” for business

3. “If you don’t write a cover letter, and you just email us a resume, you’re out”

You should write about 300 words. You do not need to respond to other students’ comments, but you certainly are welcome to do so if you wish.

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