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write reflections on 2 videos(should be two separate paper)

This video will be in two parts: the first describing the event and the preparation taken a few months before the actual event, and 2) footage and interviews of the actual event itself. This is an interview with the Destin Area Chamber of Commerce about their signature event called, “Paddle at the Porch.” This event is held during the middle of August right after the summer season winds down in Destin, FL. They discuss partners and sponsorships, cash purse, etc. This is an event that will bring in tourist to the area and help add revenue to the local economy (a primary purpose of chamber of commerce). Please share your thoughts, reflections, and questions regarding the interview with the class. Please review the grading rubric located on the Bio Sketch DB in order to know how I score these DB’s.

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This is a follow-up video of the actual event, Paddle at the Porch. It is typically held in mid-August, and this is the highlights of the event itself and from the perspective of a participant. Please share some of the details that you notice having to do with your readings.

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