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Write full one page about “Business Strategy Decisions and Marketing Recommendations”

Please read the attached case carefully, Then, answer the below question by writing one page full.


  1. What operations policy and business strategy decisions and marketing recommendations would you make to the CEO of Sea Pines? To John Baker? (Consider future demand growth, pricing, profitability and marketing tactics.) HINT:Consider the monthly variation in demand vs. capacity. Don’t confuse operating costs & revenues with investment costs.

The answer for the question must be based in the following 4 decisions and the answer must show numbers and calculation related to the financial of the company.

My decisions:

1- Build 4 courts – 2 clay 2 hard top?

2- Training facility – kids (many visitors average age was 37 married with kids 5-10),hire a “pro” to teach at night during down time under the lights?

3- Flat rate – no student pass – after 2 hours price stays the same

4- 14 day pass – people stay 12 days, waste 2 days to make more money $33/day


Limit: Full one page

Due date: One day.

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