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Write a 5 – 6 page paper on some current business-related “world event”

In this paper it is expected to critically analyze this event and discuss its potential impact on globalization and world trade.

This paper must be in APA format with appropriate quotes and references.

Include a cover page and a Reference page, neither of which counts toward the 5-6 pages. Please understand that 5 pages is a minimum.

The format for this paper and relative weighting towards the assignment grade is as follows:

  • Review of Situation (15%)
  • Analysis (25%)
  • Potential Impact (25%)
  • Conclusions (20%)
  • It is highly recommended that you organize the paper according to these topics.
  • Writing and following APA formatting will contribute to 15% of the grade.
  • Please make sure to cite all sources. Sources not properly cited or not cited at all are considered plagiarism. Use scholarly sources such as scholarly journals, articles to support your research (PowerPoint, YouTube video, websites, Wikipedia are not considered scholarly sources.
  • Understanding why something has occurred and what that means to business – particularly in terms of NUMBERS – are critical skills for this assignment. Think of how you can quantify the event’s impact on globalization, global trade and/or a specific business or company.
  • Doing your own financial analysis of the event (i.e., do some calculations to show impact) will really help you achieve higher scores on the “Potential Impact” section of your paper. As you know, we want to speak in terms shareholders typically want to hear – metrics that reflect shareholder value. And be sure your paper reflects this.
  • Events involving recent IMF actions, specific company news, economic actions of countries (e.g. China, Germany, the UK, etc.), activities in Africa, and mergers & acquisitions (M&A) news are all example topics.

Please do not do a paper on the following topics:

  • Euro Zone crisis (and this includes “Brexit”,).
  • The collapse of communism in Russia (before & after).
  • Apple’s and HP’s and their contractors’ approach in dealing with employees.
  • Economic history of Brazil (inflation and exchange rates).
  • China’s housing bubble, China’s empty cities.

Other news event that will impact global business in some way is acceptable.

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