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Write 3 pages + Exhibits by answering the questions of the case


Analyze and describe Lincoln’s approach to the organization and motivation of their employees? What exactly do they do? What are the underlying ‘economics’ of their ‘system’? Why does it work? Could it work at any/every other firm? Why/Why not? What role has the approach played in the firm’s business success or the past decades? How does the production process relate to the HR policies and to the firms business strategy? (Hint: consider the economics as well as the social and cultural factors of the ‘system’.) Will the Lincoln ‘system’ continue to work in the 21st century? What are its weaknesses? Can it withstand globalization? Employee diversity? Which of the other firms we have studied in this course might the system work at and where would it most likely be a failure? Why? What about in your firm/employer?

Individual Written Assignment#: Analyze Lincoln Electric. Why does their ‘system’ work? Is it ‘sustainable’? Why? What have they done in Economic terms to the structure of the organization and to their financial and cost structures? To their production processes and technology?

Limit: 3 pages + exhibits/graphics

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