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Whay are the organization designs that affect employees behaviors? Give examples.

Management has heard rumors that a competitor’s redesign has made it more profitable but has also lead to morale problems. The executive team of Killer App Software has asked you to write a white paper that will inform them of the following:

  • How different organizational designs can impact employee behavior in a positive and productive manner
  • Why new organizational designs are constantly emerging as the world changes
  • How some of the newer organizational designs might improve the organization

The white paper should be appropriate for upper management. You should use at least 3 sources from the literature on organizational design and include both theoretical and practitioner-oriented sources.

Theoretical articles come from sources such as the Academy of Management. Trade associations and journals such as the Harvard Business Review often publish practitioner articles. The paper should be clear and to the point. Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors. Use the APA reference guide for writing the white paper.

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