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Week 6 discussion and response c.w.

respond to this discussion:

Identify some of the ways that technology has impacted the world of business. Be sure to support your response with detail and substance.

Please answer the discussion and then add a minimum of one comment to a classmate for full credit.

Respond to this post: Candace wild

Technology has transformed the way business is done. I can remember my first job in an office where part of my duties was organizing and filing customer service request information. By filing I mean manual filing of actual paper! We has rows and rows of filing cabinets and this part of my job took hours everyday. That was hours spent NOT helping customers. In todays world, I would have access to a computer where I would immediately enter all the information about the service request under the specific customers account along with any special notes and these would be instantly saved. Retrieval of this information would also much easier. This is just one small way that technology has impacted business. Connected devices or Internet of things has dramatically reshaped business on a global scale.


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