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Use appropriate dividend discount/growth model to find the intrinsic value of the stock.

Pick a publicly owned company from the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) stock market index. The chosen company must be a publicly-traded dividend-paying company. Use the financial data for the company and industry using Bloomberg terminals in the Capital Market Lab. Use appropriate dividend discount/growth model to find the intrinsic value of the stock. Review the assumptions of the model. In calculating the growth rate for the company, use sustainable growth rate method. For estimating the required return, use the capital asset pricing model (CAPM). As an estimate of the risk free rate, use the current yield to maturity of a 10 year T-bill. Estimate firm beta using the simple market model in Excel. You may use one of the two ways to calculate Beta using Excel. The first is to use the “=slope” formula: the X variable series is the return on the market and the Y variable series is the return on your chosen stock. A second alternative is to calculate the Beta directly as the covariance between the two return series, divided by the variance of market returns. Find the actual stock price on July 31, 20181using Bloomberg terminals. Compare your estimated intrinsic stock value to the actual July 31, 20181 stock price. Does the market undervalue or overvalue the stock? Based on the above analysis, do you plan to undertake any transaction (buy/sell) in the stock? Why or why not?


  • The page limit is 4 for the Project Report. The length of the report depends on the work needed in completing each of the components of the project.
  • In the report, besides valuing the company’s stock, include an overview of the company and its financial position in comparing with the major competitors in the industry.
  • Show your work/calculations when possible.
  • The financial statements along with other required financial data are available on Bloomberg. Include relevant financial statement data in your report or in your appendix as needed.

Sample Internship Project Report Contents:

Cover Page

Report Objective

Firm Overview

Industry Analysis

Dividend Discount Method

  • Dividend Growth Model
  • Security Market Line
  • Beta Selection
  • Stock Valuation based on Dividend Growth/Discount Model

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