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University of Mobile The Aeneid Essay

Please write a basic 5-paragraph argumentative/persuasive essay on the following topic from The Aeneid.

Choose three prophecies from The Aeneid and in your essay show how these prophecies direct Aeneas to the final battle in Book XII. Don’t choose all three from the same book, but use three different books from which to develop your points

Please underline your thesis in the introductory paragraph.

Be sure to employ the MLA style in your formatting: 1″ margins, Times New Roman-12pt font, double spaced.

Review in your handbook pages 267-306 on how to cite material from sources. Especially note the difference in long quotes (4 lines or more) and short quotes (less than 4 lines) page 271. Also note how to document long, multisection poems such as The Aeneid page 274.

Click here (Links to an external site.) for a sample.

Please save it in a Word document (.doc or .docx).

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