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University of Michigan Don’t Withhold Violence from Video Games Discussion

Please when you answer the question please make sure to put them in step order

Practice with Annotations

Step 1:

Read “Don’t Withhold Violence from Video Games” (pp. 74-75), and as you read, make annotations for the text. You can do this by physically marking the textbook or typing your comments on a computer. Try to use a combination of symbols and short notes. Here are some examples of symbols with potential meanings:

✰ or * = information that seems highly important/significant

! or !! = content that is interesting/intriguing to you

✓ or “x” = information you agree or disagree with

? = something you have a question about

?? = content that’s confusing

Circle around a word = repeated topic (or a word you want to define)

Underlined word or sentence = particularly significant content for you

Step 2:

Share your annotations with the instructor by uploading a Word document to this assignment. You should have at least three different types of annotations, such as content you agree/disagree with, content you find interesting or surprising, content you have a question about. If you’ve used symbols to mark the essay, just type out the content for the Word document.

For example…

1. I agreed/disagreed with the idea that __________________________.

2. I was surprised that the author says _________________________.

3. I have a question about _______________________.

Logos, Ethos, and Pathos

Step 1

Determine the type of persuasion the author is using in “Don’t Withhold Violence in Video Games.” Is it logos, ethos, or pathos…or a combination of them?

Step 2

Make a post in which you claim that the essay includes one of the types of persuasion. Support your claim by referencing one piece of information from the essay and explaining how that information is related to logos, ethos, or pathos. This initial post is worth up to 10 points.

Here is a template you may use for your post (though it doesn’t have to look just like this):

This essay utilizes (logos/ethos/pathos) as a means of persuasion. One example of where this occurs in the essay is when the author states ____________________________________. This example is related to (logos/ethos/pathos) because ______________________________.

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