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type a Memoir

Two things about the memoir:

1. Make sure that you write the memoir for an audience of non-international students. In doing so, remember what they will know, what they don’t know, and the language expectations they have for personal stories. As we have seen in our samples, personal stories are often told in less formal language than some other forms of writing.

2. The memoir should have a main point ( or thesis) that you are demonstrating through your own experience. For this project, that main point will need to be related to the theme of the section of your textbook that you read for the summary/responses. There are many ways to approach this. One way might be, as we looked at in class the other day, through the idea of normal. In this case, it is not enough just to teach about a different normal, but to demonstrate why, or what the results of that “normal” might be. The personal example I gave in class the other day looked at how I saw my options for “normal” living environments” and “jobs” as a gay man. At this point in my life, I realize that my idea of what was normal caused me to limits my options. While these limits may have made my life easier, they also took away opportunities. A second option would be to look through your text a look at some of the sections in BOLD and consider the variety of ideas related to your topic.

One last thing, it helps sometimes to think about what QUESTION our main point answers. Ask yourself, “Is it a question people would have, and is it important to answer?” Of course, important is related to the audience.

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