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Troy University Including Students with High-Incidence Learning Disabilities – Strategies for Success

Chapter 6 Video Case: Including Students with High-Incidence Learning Disabilities Strategies for Success

Topic:Learning disabilities isone of the categories under the umbrella of high-incidence exceptionalities. In this video, you will hear from a teacher about how she includes students with various types of high-incidence exceptionalities in her classroom. While you watch the video, think about the different strategies the teacher uses to include all students in the classroom and how these strategies allow students to access the curriculum. Also, watch for the extra attention the teacher gives certain students, and think about what the teacher can do to reduce classroom focus on those students receiving extra help.

1. What are some of the supports that the inclusion teacher provides to students in her class? Describe 3different supports and how they help those students (1example must support students with their executive functions).

2. If you were a teacher in an inclusion setting, what information would you offer to all students (with and without disabilities) about the different levels of support students receive to help them be successful? Offer 2points that can help students understand the need for differentiated instruction and support.

3. Now consider the biblical approach to special education to inform your thoughts on this topic. Consider a passage of Scripture to support the fruits of the spirit that would guide your actions as you collaborated with other teachers.

You must view the Video Case and write at least 150 words per question in response. Responses must follow current APA format and include a title page and reference page. Cite at least 1 source in current APA format. You may use the textbook, the Bible, and/or scholarly journal articles as sources.

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