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This is part C of a project. It requires 4-5 pages. Please read instructions and submit on time!

Use the topic that includes the organization and training that you will use for the project, which is:

Topic Selected: Cultural competence training for a healthcare facility

Scholarly Sources:

Kaufmann, H. R., Englezou, M., & García ‐ Gallego, A. (2014). Tailoring Cross-Cultural Competence Training. Thunderbird International Business Review, 56(1), 27-42. doi:10.1002/tie.21594

Smith, N. L., & Bahr, M. W. (2014). Increasing cultural competence through needs assessment and professional development. Professional Development in Education, 40(1), 164-181. doi:10.1080/19415257.2013.776618

Conduct an analysis on the current state of the training program and address the current evaluation methods used. Reference should be made to specific quantifiable evaluation methods. The cost and benefit of the training should be presented.

The body of the paper will be 4-5 pages. This does not include extraneous pages like title page, reference page, appendices. APA formatting standards are required. A minimum of 5 scholarly resources need to be used. An example of a scholarly resource can be an interview with an HR professional or a peer reviewed article from a University Library Journal Database. Course materials and personal experience do not count. A formal third person tone is required.

Supplemental information (e.g. worksheets that are currently being used) can be presented in Appendices but do not count toward the body of the paper.

Note: Recommendations should not be made at this point – you will make these next week. This is an analysis of current standing. Keep in mind however, if an organization doesn’t deliver training, the paper doesn’t end at that point. Student needs to include a discussion of the different methods that could be used. Again, recommendations will be made next week

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