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Think about a man made event such as a bombing or shooter situation

1- The County Basic Emergency Plan is recorded in ESSD Section 8. Task Assignments for any EOP might be listed as follows:

  1. Comprehensive emergency management planning
  2. Staff and responder training
  3. Radiologic defense program management and training
  4. Resource management
  5. Communications and warning
  6. Hazardous materials training
  7. SARA Title III activities
  8. LEPC support
  9. Management of exercises and drills
  10. Evaluation of community preparedness

2- Think about a man made event such as a bombing or shooter situation. Discuss the eight-step design process of the event you selected and apply it to a functional exercise. Use the steps to build the foundation for a functional exercise. In other words, don’t describe each step. Imagine you are actually writing an exercise and apply each step to your exercise. For example, during step one, write a statement that explains why you need to conduct the exercise. Here is the FEMA 8-step process:

1. Assess needs

2. Define Scope

3. Write Statement of Purpose

4. Define Objectives

5. Compose Narrative

6. Write major and detailed events

7. List expected actions

8. Prepare messages

Choose any one of these assignments and briefly describe its role in the development or management of the County’s EOP.

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