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Texas A & M University Big Data Analytics Discussion

Assignment # 1 is a research assignment. Big Data has solved many data processing problems. Different large-scale organizations are using social media data to do sentiment analysis through big data analytics. Likewise, popular websites are using big data to analyze clickstream data.

You are supposed to do online research and find out one case study where big data analytics was used to solve a particular problem in any industry.

I am expecting 3 pages write-up. One page for current business problem and 2 pages how big data solved that problem. Please provide as much technical details as possible about the problem and solution through big data. Please provide technical diagrams to show technical solution.

I am expecting your own write-ups and NOT to COPY/PASTE from Internet. You will get automatic “F” if your write-ups is not original. Please make sure you do your own research and write this paper at your own.

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