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Talent Management

Answer these 5 questions in Essay Form, Use only the Source/Book that I provide, no outside reference, Must be APA format I will attach the link to access the textbook. READ CHAPTERS 9-12

1. Succession Management – Succession Management – Even though succession planning

systems are important parts of internal selection, only approximately 50% of

organizations use them.You believe that your organization should have one.

Prepare a document for the president of your organization explaining the following:

What is a succession management system? How can you ensure that it is effective?

What steps should you take to develop such a system?

How can a well-developed succession system be used to help shatter the “glass ceiling” in an organization?

2.Negotiations – To really be a good negotiator, you need to be able to see issues from

both sides.In this exam you will be looking at negotiations from both the side of the HR

professional and the final candidate.

a.Develop a list of recommendations that you could give to a manager that would

help him or her to better negotiate with a final candidate.Can you add anything

that is not in the article included in the mix?

b.Develop a list of recommendations that you could give to a job candidate that

would help to prepare them for an interview.

3.Employee Engagement

a.Based on the various definitions and discussions that you have seen in the videos

and article, how would you


employee engagement?

b.Explain the difference between satisfaction and engagement?

c.Discuss why employee engagement is so important.

d.Think about your current (if you are not currently working – you last job).What

does the organization do to engage workers?If the CEO came to you and asked

you to develop a plan to engage workers, what would you suggest?Support

your answers with material from this week’s material.

4.When Marissa Mayer was hired as CEO of Yahoo! morale among the employees had

been very low.Watch the Yahoo mix.Then address the following questions:

a.Explain the two controversial decisions made by Mayer regarding employees.

b.Explain the positive and negative impact (both) of each of these decisions on

productivity, employee morale, engagement, and retention.

c.Discuss what you learned from the engagement video about employees who

“sink the boat.”As a consultant, how would you suggest that Mayer handle

these employees?

This question will take some thought and discussion as you need to earn your money as a consultant!


a.What is the difference between voluntary and involuntary turnover.

b.Explain the three variables that will impact voluntary turnover as explained in

the video (desirability of leaving, ease of leaving, alternatives).

c.Explain how the type of employee and their position might determine the

relative importance to the company of the turnover.

d.If I said to you, “It’s easy to reduce turnover – just pay your employees more

money,” what would your response be?Support your answer. (review materials

on engagement)

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