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Swinburne University Varram Pestel Analysis

This is assignment is based on this kickstarter project, Varram. As the Kickstarter campaign is product based, the approach is that your advice via the consultancy is for the client to set up and distribute the product in Australia. This is a group task, and I am in charge of the PESTEL ANALYSIS. The following are important marking criteria. 

? Three or four key trends in the external environment are clearly articulated, analysed and explained. The reader is left in no doubt that unless these opportunities and/or threats are addressed, the business is unlikely to prosper.

? The research data and/or evidence to support the analysis is credible, detailed and varied. Factors have been examined from multiple perspectives and/or stakeholders.

? The application of relevant analytic frameworks (e.g. PESTEL) provides a clear overview of trends in the external environment to the client without any irrelevant detail or speculation.

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