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SUNY at Stony Brook Human Sexuality Discussion

For the following questions, you are required to thoroughly answer the reflection questions below and clearly connect the information to the learning objectives. The summaries should show critical analysis and synthesis of the information in a way that demonstrates good understanding of the material presented. Each question should be 5 paragraphs (containing a minimum of 4-6 sentences each) in length. So around 15 paragraphs total, and they should be written in correct APA style. Please use your own words and use in-text citation when you cite any sources.

Question #1

After reading the “Think About It” article (in the attachment , it is a one page article) related to female genital cutting in the textbook, and viewing the two videos on FGC, please answer the “Think Critically” question:

1. Should female genital cutting be eliminated worldwide, or should it be permitted in countries where it is an important custom?

2. Which is the better term: female genital cutting or female genital mutilation? Why?

3. Does FGC violate the human rights of girls and women? If so, in what ways? If not, why?

question #2

List the signs and symptoms of five (5) STIs that you learned about from the textbook (which in the attachment, Chapter 15), video, or other scholarly source.

What would be your most important concern if you just learned you had an STI? Who would you tell? What resources would you need? And where could you go to get help?

question #3

After reading the article related to “date rape” (check the below attachment) and watching the video, please answer the “Think Critically” questions:

1. How common is the use of rape/acquaintance rape drugs on your campus? In what type of situations does it occur?

2. What can a person do to avoid being vulnerable to date/acquaintance rape?

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