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strategic pricing decisions

Read the article Thinking Strategically About Pricing Decisions. In the article, the authors present four innovative pricing models. Choose one of the models and critique it in your initial post. Be sure to clearly identify which model you have selected and address the following in your critique:

What are the pros and cons of the model?

How does the model differ from traditional pricing approaches discussed in the textbook?

Think of a company that may be able to adopt the pricing model you have selected, and discuss how it could implement the model in its pricing strategy.

When responding to two of your peers, identify strengths and/or weaknesses in their analysis of the pricing model they have selected. Do you agree with the pros and cons they have presented? Is the company chosen for adoption of the pricing model appropriate? Identify and discuss another company that may be able to adopt the pricing model presented by your peers.

the article is on IN THE SEARCH BAR TYPE IN Thinking strategically about pricing decisions and then click on it.

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