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Strategic Plan: Implementation Plan Strategic Controls and Contingency Plan Analysis No Plagiarism

I am currently in a graduate master’s level course that is titled “Strategic Planning & Implementation” and am needing for further clarification on the document posted below of questions I had “bolded in black and highlighted in yellow,” including topics that were forgotten in this assignment and not explained.

I had a previous tutor for which these questions were posted again to let them know there were still topics that were missing from this assignment and other questions I needed help for further clarification on, however, for whatever reason they thought they answered them all and I don’t think they really had good expertise on this management course for “strategic planning and implementation.” Would greatly appreciate if any tutor that has “expertise” in management for Strategic Planning and Implementation” if you could go over the attached document posted below of topics that were forgotten by this last tutor, and others I needed help for further understanding (as mentioned in the posted document). For this assignment, I will post the web links, instructor requests, and the topics that my instructor is looking for in this word document research on my former employer of “OhioHealth” organization:

My chosen organization will be on my Former Employer of the OhioHealth Organization

Web Links Below:

About Your Signature Assignment

About OhioHealth:

OhioHealth Who We Are:

Copy of OhioHealth Year-End Financial Statements from 2012 & 2013:

Copy of OhioHealth Year-End Financial Statements from 2015 & 2016:

Copy of OhioHealth Financial Results for 2015 & 2014:

Per instructor request:

  • No Plagiarism and will be checked
  • Include Proper Headings and Sub-title headings of required topics listed below
  • Include three or more peer-reviewed sources (as in more than one author) with direct web links
  • APA citations used in paper and APA references
  • Based on one of the topics below, must develop a break-even chart with detailed explanation-include APA cited reference.

This signature assignment is designed to align with specific program student learning outcome(s) in your program. Program Student Learning Outcomes are broad statements that describe what students should know and be able to do upon completion of their degree. The signature assignments may be graded with an automated rubric that allows the University to collect data that can be aggregated across a location or college/school and used for program improvements.

Write a 1,400-word minimum or more (excluding cover and reference wording) strategic implementation plan in which you include the following:

  • Introduction-detailed explanation
  • Create an implementation plan including:
    • Objectives-detailed explanation with examples
    • Functional tactics-detailed explanation with examples
    • Action items-detailed explanation with examples
    • Milestones and deadlines-detailed explanation with examples
    • Tasks and task ownership-detailed explanation with examples
    • Resource allocation-detailed explanation with examples
  • Recommend any organizational change management strategies that may enhance successful implementation.-detailed explanation with examples
  • Develop key success factors, budget, and forecasted financials, including a break-even chart.-detailed explanation with examples; included OhioHealth copies of their financial statements above-numbers used cannot be exactly from those financial statements, but shown as examples; include APA citation of break-even chart created and discussion.
  • Create a risk management plan including contingency plans for the identified risks -detailed explanation with examples.
  • Conclusion-detailed explanation
  • References-APA three or more peer-reviewed sources (more than one author used); include direct web links

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

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