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strategic management (Topic: Starbucks)

Topic: Starbucks

Format: 2 pages text + up to 2 pages original exhibits, business memo style

Purpose + Details: Paul College is among an elite group of the world’s business schools to hold prestigious AACSB accreditation. As part of this ongoing accreditation process, AACSB requires students to show understanding of specific topical areas. One of these areas is an understanding of key international business issues. The Paul College faculty developed the following grading rubric to assess proficiency in this area. In addition to these specific assessment components, I will allocate 9 points based on the quality the recommendations and professionalism of the deliverable itself.

Article you need to read before you write my paper :






use the example format for my paper , please see below of it. thanks for helping, Plagiarism work not accept. thanks for helping.

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