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Southern Methodist University Petsmart SWOT Analysis

  • Compilation of the key external and internal strategic factors (SWOT) – this can be a

chart that summarizes your findings from the external (assignment # 1) and internal

analyses (assignment # 2)

GENERIC STRATEGY (answers the questions – Where are we heading? Where would we

like to be?)

  • What generic strategy does your company employ? Support your choice with evidence

from the company’s organizational and strategic activities.

DISCUSSION & RECOMMENDATIONS (answers the questions – Are we on course? How

do we get there?)

  • Using your SWOT analysis, the company’s current generic strategy and the strategic

objectives from Assignment # 1:

  • Should the company stay the course and stick with their current strategy and
  • Should they adopt a new course and if so what should it be (recommend a new

strategic objectives (is so, why)


generic strategy and new strategic objectives).

Note: You must support your discussion and recommendations with evidence from your external and internal analyses.

This assignment should be no more than 3-5 pages in length not including appendices

cover page, etc. It should be single-spaced in business report style and use APA format

for in-text citations and referencing.

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