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SOCW820 Florida State Biopsychosocial Assessment Case Study Discussion

In a 4 page paper:

  • Assess the overall tool you selected to analyze for this assignment. In your assessment, explain whether you believe there are questions that were not addressed and why you think that may be important.
  • Explain whether or not the assessment is strengths-based.
  • Identify other professionals in healthcare who may have input into the assessment.
  • Identify any sections of the assessment tool that are best completed by other healthcare professionals and explain why.
  • Consider the implications of various professionals disagreeing over the assessment content and discuss how would you reduce and improve those challenges.
  • Explain how psycho-social issues (including policy and legal issues) might impact the patient’s medical care and health outcomes.
  • Explain the role of the social worker in assessing and addressing psycho-social issues and other issues on an interdisciplinary healthcare team.

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