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Socialization Plan

Please Make these changes to the Socialization plan provided in the document.

Socialization Plan – This section needs major reorganization. It is very hard to follow. Please review the comments below:

Format –

  • Each of the three parts of this plan should have a level 2 heading.
  • Citation in first paragraph is not in proper APA format.
  • Stages are out of order.
  • The onboarding plan belongs in this section.

Anticipatory– You should discuss this stage prior to discussing orientation which is the encounter stage.

  • This stage needs to be expanded.
  • Shouldn’t the First Impression Guide be given to the employee at this stage?


  • The orientation section at the beginning should be moved here.
  • What other things can be done at this stage to help the Info Security Analyst become socialized. Be specific to your company and position. (INFO SECURITY ANALYST AT CEDAR FAIR ENTERTAINMENT)

Settling In– Expand.

  • The information in the last three paragraph, such as mentoring, belongs in within the three stages of the plan.

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