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Short speech

Directions: Research and prepare a two-minute speech, with supporting visual aids in presentation form (you can use PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, or any other presentation software you would like) with at least 5 slides. You can choose your own topic, or choose one of the following:

  • Explain a card game: Explain the way a card game such as solitaire, poker, gin rummy, bridge, canasta, or pinochle is played.
  • Explain a board game: Explain the way a board game such as chess, backgammon, Chinese checkers, Go, Othello, Scrabble, Yahtzee, or Monopoly is played.
  • Explain the essentials of any social networking site such as the well-known Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+ or some lesser-known social networking site that you listeners might be interested in.
  • Explain food preparation: Explain how to make a pie, a soup, a western omelet, a pizza, roast beef, a dip, or a casserole (any kind you’d like).
  • Explain a sport: Explain the way a sport such as football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, tennis, or golf is played.
  • Persuade your listeners to take a particular course.
  • Persuade your listeners to read an online article.
  • Persuade your listeners to see a particular movie.
  • Persuade your listeners to download a particular app.
  • Persuade your listeners to contact someone with whom they have lost touch.

Or persuade your listeners to support your view on one of the following topics:

  • Marijuana legalization
  • Banning cigarette smoking in all public spaces
  • Abolishing capital
  • Increasing Social Security benefits by at least one third
  • Police personnel being allowed to strike
  • Paying teachers based on teaching performance, not seniority and publications
  • Not immediately granting a divorce when people request it
  • Requiring retirement at age 65 for all government employees

You must include a references slide at the end of your presentation listing any images or sources used in your work using APA Style documentation. Please go to Purdue OWL for help with citing sources in APA Style.

write a paragraph outlining the topic you have chosen. The paragraph should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Length of three to five sentences
  • Double spaced
  • 12-point font
  • 1-inch margins
  • Be free of any mechanical, spelling, or grammatical errors.

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