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Satisfaction targets

Please make sure that answer initial post with 250 or more word count in apa format. Make sure no response is plagiarized. The initial questions are in bold and the response to students will follow.

external scholarly sources required: 3

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Of the two types of customer expectations, adequate performance expectations fluctuates the most.

  • Describe a situation that would cause adequate expectations to increase, thereby narrowing the width of the zone of tolerance.
  • What might a firm do in this situation to achieve its satisfaction targets?
  • Support your post with scholarly RESEARCH on product performance expectations.

Student 1 Shoap, Shoshonna,

Customers have expectations that can cover a broad range of subsets. Customers have expectations on how to be treated in good and bad situations. Customers expect to have a product or service that lives up to its claims. Customers expect a company to back the product in the future. Needs can be met in levels of effectiveness that produce superior, mediocre, or sub-par satisfaction for the customer (Ferrell & Hartline, 2014). When a customer is delighted in a product’s efficiency, then the baseline requirement is higher. A product could make good on its performance without exceeding or falling below, allowing a product to operate in a foundational level of satisfaction. Sometimes a product fails to meet needs and a customer is unhappy with the product and company. Companies have to dance a fine line of meeting needs, keeping customers, happy, and staying on track financially.

Companies need to address satisfaction with a thorough strategy that identifies customer expectations on product and company performance. By studying customers’ past experiences, tracking current expectations, and communicating with the customers, a company can help formulate the customer adequate expectation baseline (Ofir & Simonson, 2007). Regardless if a customer is delighted, satisfied, or dissatisfied, all three include a baseline of the adequate acceptable levels of product performance. If a company wants to minimize the risk of losing a customer, they need to have a firm understanding of what is needed to keep the product at acceptable performance levels.

Delight levels of need fulfillment have the highest level of adequate performance requirements. Performance levels are a huge factor in the very basic core product values. I would correlate the high levels of adequate performance to a more elite, highly customizable commodity. BMW is a car company that is known for expensive, luxurious cars that serve a more demanding clientele. All the cars have many base features that are present regardless of the level of the car in the product line. Customers that buy cars have a very high level of adequate expectations. The cars continue to have a great deal of prestige and status attached to the name. BMW customers will not buy a car if it does not meet all of their expectations. The BMW company has to stay engaged with its customers to ensure that the baseline is met. Customers are spending a great deal of money on even the basic models and therefore demand the value to match the investment. The two biggest components of customer satisfaction, expectations and purchasing experience, are found through active customer orientation and engagement (Bendaraviciene & Vilkyte, 2019). BMW needs to have a focus on strong customer bonds through the entire car buying process and long-term service to each individual customer. The high base levels of adequate expectations mean the company has to stay engaged with the customers. One strategy the company can utilize is talking to customers about previous purchases. If the company can learn what was liked and disliked about past cars, they can improve the product. Another way the company can gather information is to simply ask the customers what they want. The company can then incorporate reasonable and desired expectations into the product. The company can maintain and uphold industry standards so customers can have confidence in continued product quality. The high monetary investment of the customer could be reduced in perceived cost if the company fostered customer-based communities and clubs to add experience-based values. If customers feel emotionally cared for and connected to a product, they are more likely to remain satisfied. Expensive and prestigious products often have high product standards. A company can help preserve the baseline if they continue to engage with the customers and continually seek stable quality standards.

Student 2 Edwards, Kendria

Customer satisfaction can be looked at in two ways it can be defined as the degree to which a product meets or exceeds the expectations of the customer about that product (Ferrell & Hartline, 2014). When it comes to customer satisfaction you have an upper end of expectations which is desired and mostly want the customer wants then you have the lower end as adequate performance which is what customers are willing to accept (Ferrell & Hartline, 2014). Product expectations are often referred to predictions about how good the product performance will be (Monga & Houston, 2005). I get an hour lunch break and depending on the time of the day I go most places are crowded with others out on their lunch break. I might decide on place nearby like Wendy’s because of the convenience of it and the price however I know the service might be horrible and the food is just ok. My expectations are already set because of the levels of performance I got in my past, I am not looking for anything to be different (Johnson, Anderson & Fornell, 1995). But because of the convenience I stated earlier I go back. Sometimes I go it is as expected and other times it is worse. Those times I make sure to fill out the surveys are called the corporate number. Wendy’s as an organization can take the surveys and the complaints they get and plan a training workshop to help on things we as customers are not satisfied with. We know its fast food, but I still expect my food to be fresh and the service to be pleasant.

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