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Saint Leo Public Law & Private Law Federal Court System Discussions

1.What is your interpretation of the law?

What does the law mean to you?

What do you expect to learn from the course?

Choose a law you find interesting and discuss the law and cite your work here this week.

2.How have workplace changes affected the laws in America? And Explain the court structure in the United States. Find a good website to share that provides good information concerning the federal court system.

3. Discuss when a defendants case can move the court to dismiss an
action. Give at least one example. Then explain fully why this can be done in relation to your example, explain the steps, etc.
What are the steps in civil litigation?

4.Discuss the authority and responsibilities of the three branches of government in regard to criminal law, and how they differ.
Compare and contrast public law and private law, and give two examples which illustrate the difference between criminal law and tort law.

5.Compare and contrast reasons why a person might commit a crime, as opposed to reasons a person would choose not to commit a crime. Give three examples of how society controls undesired behaviors, by means other than laws, and identify what are the strengths and weaknesses for each example.

List and define the primary affirmative defenses used in criminal cases.

6.Describe the three types of torts and give examples. & Hardly a day goes by without reading about a lawsuit in which a consumer has alleged that a manufacturer of a product is liable for some negligent act (tobacco?). Has consumer protection gone too far? How might a manufacturer seek to protect himself or herself from liability?

7.Negligence actions-

Suppose the Ainleys are excavating part of their property in anticipation of building a new home. They are aware that some of the local school children cut across their property on their way home and that they could fall in some of the trenches that have been dug in that part of their land.
Based on this scenario, answer the following questions.

-If Robin, a six-year-old boy, falls in one of the trenches and injures himself, are the Ainleys liable even though Robin was clearly trespassing on their property?

-Suppose that as the home is being constructed, some of the construction workers leave planks of plywood out over the weekend, and Robin and his friend use the planks as skateboarding ramps. Are the Ainleys liable for the injuries Robin sustains when he tumbles off his makeshift skateboarding ramp?

8.Reflect on the Saint Leo Core Value of Personal Development. What impediments to personal development do criminal and immoral acts cause against individuals? What impediments to personal development do criminal and immoral acts cause against societal development?

Personal Development. Saint Leo University stresses the development of every person’s mind, spirit, and body for a balanced life. All members of the Saint Leo University community must demonstrate their commitment to personal development to help strengthen the character of our community.

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