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S1 – 9.01 Final Exam


  1. Various forms of government are found around the world; and, governments are described and or classified in a variety of ways and means. Your response to this essay question is intended to summarize what you have learned about the various forms or styles of government.
  2. A. There are three basic forms of government, described according to which body of government is the most prominent, or, holds the most power. In three well-written paragraphs, describe each of the three forms, as you compare and contrast one with the others.(6 points)
  3. B. Governments also may be described or categorized according to how their legislative and executive branches share power. In at least one well-written paragraph, describe each of these two types of government.(4 points)
  4. C. Governments may also be classified according to how many people hold power. In a minimum of three well-written paragraphs, describe three forms of government classified in this manner. (6 points)
  5. D. From the eight classifications or styles of government listed in the preceding paragraphs, list three, which are descriptive of the current government of the United States. (4 points)


  • The legislative branch of the American government is bicameral. In a minimum of at least two well-written paragraphs, define and discuss the advantages of a bicameral legislature, including how and why this came about. Reference should be made to the Great Compromise. (10 points)


  • Twenty-seven amendments have been added to the U.S. Constitution. Obviously, all are important, in their own way. However, you will select three amendments, and in a minimum of three paragraphs, you will discuss why you believe each of these amendments is of primary importance either to you, as an individual, or to the nation.(15 points)


    • You have studied the legislative branch of government and the wide range of powers held by the House of Representatives and the Senate. List five powers or duties of one or both houses of Congress and discuss each of the five, in a few descriptive sentences. (15 points)


    • You have studied the executive branch of government and the wide range of power, as well as the various roles of the head of that branch, the president. Consider the presidency of Barack Obama. In a minimum of two well written-paragraphs, discuss one role or power which you think the President has used well, and another role or power of the presidency, which you think has not been used as well as it could or should be. (Note: Consider yourself an objective historian.) (10 points)


    • You have studied the judicial branch of government, with emphasis on the Supreme Court, and the rulings they have made which have had wide-ranging effects on everyone in America. You will select two Supreme Court cases, which you believe have impacted American history and society. For each of the cases you will:
    • A. Describe the background of each of the two cases – the reason a case was brought to the Supreme Court. (2 points per case)
    • B. Describe the constitutional issue(s) – the specific area of the constitution involved in the case. (1 point per case)
    • C. Describe the decision reached by the Supreme Court. (2 points per case)


    • Major factors in the system of American government are the political parties and their roles and functions within the system. In a minimum of three well-written paragraphs, discuss the roles and functions/purpose of the political parties as they currently operate within the system.(10 points)


    • The annual federal budget is the plan for obtaining and expending revenue of the federal government. In a minimum of two paragraphs, describe the source(s) of government revenue and the types of expenditures in the typical federal budget. (10 points)

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