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Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words?

1.Wastelands are a huge problem and is something that unfortunately exist. The problem with these areas is that they are uninhabitable and when they get to a certain size they start affecting the close habitats by climate change and close area air pollution. The Idea of converting the waste lands possible into forests and take advantage off the floors enrichment to create such green areas. We also have to keep in mind that not all of the waste lands in such programs are liable to be used and reconstruct life there, most of the wastelands, more than we think or even know, are wastelands that have such contamination that the area needs hundreds of years or even thousands to recuperate and stabilize to be suitable for life creation again. Maybe I had heard about these areas that are being affected but thought that they were all open to the idea of reestablishing life there, but now I know that there are some that producing radioactivity because of the chemical waste kept there and creating damage to the soil permanently.

2.With the increasing dominance and power of technology, coupled with the realization that we are degrading out forests and other lands, we have been more focused on revitalizing out forests and wastelands. Many companies like lumber companies take an economic hit from these practices like only farming and cutting down a segment of a forest instead of clear cutting a forest—they are only worried about profit maximization so preservation and reclamation are definitely not on their lists. This also flows down to politics where many left-winged individuals care about revitalization and reclamation of habitats while the right tend to focus on bottom line profits.

Afforestation is a great example of a sustainable way of turning wasteland into land that is suitable for green life. Strip farming is great for preserving erosion by alternating the crops every year or every cycle, leaving the dead crops on the surface, and letting the soil settle so that it isn’t washed away or eroded in the future. Finally, I like the simple idea of land preservation by either the government or by private owners. By doing this, natural habitats are allowed to regrow and become stronger because human interference is not allowed.

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