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Research at least two or three major events in the history of labor-management relations

The final research paper consists of a research and analysis essay on a topic of your choice within this general area.

Research at least two or three major events in the history of labor-management relations. Based on your research, synthesize the information and formulate a thesis regarding labor-management relations. You may consider what strategies were effective or ineffective from the perspective of the union or management. You could also discuss what you would have done (or would have done differently) from the viewpoint of labor or management relating to U.S. labor relations.

Use a thesis sentence in the introductory paragraph and clearly state your main point. Do not make the mistake of simply repeating the results of your research. You should show an understanding of the research by explaining the processes and dynamics that drive labor relations. Provide citations to the facts to support your thesis.

For example, you could adopt the thesis that unions have become irrelevant in the private workforce in the 21st Century because the competitive pressure to hire the best workers requires that management voluntarily provide the benefits previously won by union action, such as better pay, benefits and working conditions for employees. You can support this thesis by referring to specific evidence of private employers that succeed in hiring the best workers and provide better pay and benefits without any union activity.

Write this paper in the third person. Use at least 5 scholarly references (peer-reviewed) in addition to the course textbook. Papers should contain at least 5 pages of text, double spaced and Roman Times 12 point font, but not more than 8 pages.

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