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Religion. Questions

Answer all the questions. Cite your references.

As long as it has to be. At least 2 paragraph answer.

  1. Why is Pontius Pilate remembered in the Creed? (10 points)
  1. What does the term “Theotokos” refer to? What is the significance of the term in Christian worship and practice? (10 points)
  1. According to Karl Barth, what does it mean when we say, “I believe”? Explain the significance of belief. (10 points)
  1. The “Vicarious Humanity of Christ” refers to and why is it an important theological concept? (10 points)
  1. According to Paul Tillich in his sermon, “You are Accepted,” what is a better word for Sin? Why does he make the distinction? (10 points)

  1. What are Five (5) metaphors for the Spirit of God found in the Bible, as discussed in class. Which do you think is the best and why? (10 points)
  1. What does the Freedom of God mean, what does it mean for us, and how does it impact our lives through the Vicarious Humanity of Christ. (10 points)
  1. In light of the Grace of God and the Judgement of God, what does it mean to say that God is Merciful and Just? How does it impact the Christian life? (10 points)
  1. Describe the Dual Nature of Christ. (10 points)
  1. Describe Christian Hope and the Doctrine of the Resurrection of the Body, and how it can apply to your life? (10 points)
  1. Define and explain the significance of the Doctrine of Original Sin. Who was St. Augustine? What role did he play in establishing the Doctrine of Original Sin? What do you think about the doctrine? (10 points)
  1. Explain the significance of the phrase, “Believe in order to understand”? Who coined the phrase? Why is it so important? (10 points)
  1. Name and describe the significance of five (5) historical figures that were discussed in the materials for this class. (10 points)

  1. Compare the ideas of the Western Church, Eastern Church, and the Celtic Church concerning Original Sin, Image of God, and Salvation. (10 points)
  1. What is the Filioque clause? Why is it important? Explain. (10 points)
  1. I referred to the Law or Torah as God’s love letter to humanity. What did I mean? (10 points)
  1. Describe each Person of the Holy Trinity, Their function and operation in the Universe. (20 points)
  1. Copy and Paste or Type the Apostles’ Creed and explain the significance of each line. (20 points)

I am providing to you a powerpoint review of the material.

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