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  • read the assigned article and response
  • Choose one of the provided prompts or come up with your own.
  • Write a 300 word response
    • If you are not getting enough words with one prompt, you may pick a second to fill out the response requirement.
    • Most of the words should be your own. looking for your own thoughts.(do not use other resource)

    Background InformationThe Morris et al. (2002) paper listed Viral Marketing as an entrepreneurial approach to marketing. So, I have selected a relatively new paper on the subject. You will want to understand the difference between utilitarian and hedonic products before reading this paper. You may also want to refresh yourself on the Elaboration Likelihood Model. I will post a video that will give you the basics.This will also be the first paper we have seen this semester that has some empirical research. The other papers we have looked at have all been conceptual. So, there will be some mechanical language in this paper that describes how the experimental studies were set up and the statistical analyses used to manipulate the data. Read through this, but don’t get frustrated if you don’t understand it. Write down any questions you have about this part of the paper and we can address them in class. If you like, refer to this resource(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. that gives some tips on reading scientific papers.

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