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Read scenario and answer 2 questions. Read instructions in full. Include references and please submit on time

Note: Your examples must be your work. They cannot be taken from any published material.

Complete the questions below and be sure to

  • Fully answer each question
  • Include bullet point recommendations
  • Provide at least a one page long document for each question
  • Include at least one outside source

    Homework Questions

    4a. Mr. Jones knows that the resort is covered by the Immigration Reform and Control Act but that Mimi Clause did not follow the law. He specifically wants to know what must be done to comply with the law. What should be done about the lack of records on the current employees? What should be done if he finds employees who cannot meet the legal requirements? 4b. In the past the Resort has used a simple selection process. Applicants for vacancies complete an application blank that is screened by the secretary. The employment supervisor or the department manager then interviews the successful applicants. In some instances departments used additional tests which were developed at the Resort. The employment supervisor maintains some background information but not on a consistent or structured basis. Mr Jones wants to know if we can use the tests created at the Resort and how to make them more legally defensible?

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