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read article and write 1 page summary by answering the questions!

Paradigm Muddle or Paradigm Paralysis? The Wide and Narrow Roads to Restorative
Justice Reform (or, a Little Confusion May Be a Good Thing)

you will be required to write a 1-page summary. Your writing should follow APA guidelines for style and format. It
should be free of grammatical and structural errors.

When writing your summary, answer the following questions:

What is the thesis statement? What is the main idea the author is making?
What are the main arguments?
What is the evidence? Is it empirical data? Is it just an opinion? Does it have
a theoretical foundation? Is there any qualitative or quantitative evidence?
Do you agree with the arguments and the evidence? Why? Why not?
What are three questions you would ask the author regarding this chapter?
How does this reading relate to justice in a broader way?

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