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Read an microeconomics article and summarize/comment about it


1. Article must be on a Microeconomics topic or you will lose 60 points.

2. You must clearly explain what Microeconomic principle (and in bold print and high lighted) the article demonstrates and not just it is a Microeconomic topic or lose 30 points

3. The article must be a complete summary of the article and not a quick reference or you will lose 20 to 40 points. Providing a link to a word doc

4. Articles over four (4) weeks old will receive a zero.

5. Do not copy and paste the article in to the blog or you will receive a zero. You are required to summarize the article in your own words. This is considered plagiarizing and you will receive a zero.

7. There must be a link to the article or lose 20 points

Basically, I need you to choose a microeconomics article for this assignment. Read, summarize and comment in your own words. You need to use a reliable sources for this.

No amount of page requires but please make it looks good enough to get a good grade, this is a blog – not an essay so it will be easier.

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