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Purdue Global Risk Management Clinical Ethical & Legal Guidelines Reflection Paper

Type a 5-page paper (5 full pages of text, double-spaced) reflecting on the content of chapters 4-8 in the Risk Management text. All three chapters should be extensively referenced in the paper without using block quotes. The paper should also include application of the content to ethical counseling practice, Christian Worldview integration, and self-care. Paper will include title and reference pages, which do not count towards the page requirement. All papers are to follow APA style

Listed below is the textbook. (Unforturnately I do not have the text book in Electronic form). You should however be able to find online chapters 4-8 regarding Understanding Ethical Decision Making, Consulting with Colleaues, Documentation, Responding Ethically, and An Alternative View

I have attached a picture of the TOC for chapters 4-8

Title: Risk Management Clinical, Ethical & Legal Guidelines for Successful Practice, 2nd Ed. /2015

Author: William F. Doverspike

Publisher: Professional Resource Press

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