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PSY150 Grantham University Law and Order Special Victims Unit Essay

PSY 150 Application Paper

TV SHOW: Law and Order Special Victims Unit (This is my chosen show)

General Paper Requirements:

All papers in all classes will be submitted to Safe Assign as a Word document. Please also bring a hard copy of your paper to class on the due date.

Times New Roman, Calibri, Verdana12 point font (yes, it has to be typed)

Cover Page:name, class and section (example: PSY150.61P), title of paper, date

Use APAformatting style (cover page, margins, citations/references – if required)

Paragraphs should be a minimum of five (5) GOOD sentences

Uploaded to Safe Assign by the beginning of class on the due date.

Minimum of three (3) double-spaced pages


PAPER MUST BE COMPLETED AND SUBMITTED IN MICROSOFT WORD (.doc or .docx file) (OR SAVED AS .rtf file). Failure to submit a Word file and/or to Safe Assign will result in a zero on the paper.


Do NOT look at movie review websites for any part of your paper. Every semester several students get a zero and end up failing the course for using lines, phrases or thoughts from a movie review website. Doing this is plagiarism, and I will be checking. It could end your college career, go on your permanent record, and/or cause failure in the course.

Paper Categories

(Examples only; do not copy)

Broad Category #1 (Behaviorism)

1) Classical conditioning: Jim conditioning Dwight

2) Positive punishment: Dwight pranks Jim

3) Negative reinforcement:

Broad Category #2 (Biopsychology)

1) Neurons

2) Brain plasticity

3) Synaptic pruning

Broad Category #3 (Sensation and Perception)

1) Trichromatic color theory

2) Transduction

3) Habituation

Broad Category #4 (Intelligence)

1) General intelligence

2) Creative intelligence

3) Practical intelligence

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