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Provide a detailed 250+ words response to 1 of the questions. conduct scholarly research. SUBMIT ON TIME!!


The purpose of unit discussion is to have an open dialogue that helps to expand your understanding of the course material as well as demonstrate your critical thinking abilities. While less formal than unit assignments, your posts should be supported with scholarly research. Participation throughout the assigned unit is encouraged so that you can participate in the give and take of a natural dialogue.


Conduct scholarly research to provide a detailed response to one of the questions listed below. Review rubric for expectations.


  1. Assume the role of a training consultant who has been hired by an organization with a transfer of training problem. Your task is to conduct a diagnosis of the transfer system to find out why there is a transfer problem. Therefore, you need to develop a diagnostic tool to find out what barriers exist. Based on your scholarly research, develop some questions that take in to account the different time periods of the training process and the main role platers to assess the transfer problem in the organization. What questions will you ask and who will you interview/survey? Consider the statement: Low rates of transfer of training are inevitable and will always be a problem for trainers and organizations. Present an analysis of your position.

GRADING RUBRIC: Addresses specifics of question demonstrating critical thinking abilities by synthesizing research. A minimum of 2 scholarly outside sources used. No fewer than 250 words. All aspects of APA formatting followed with no spelling/grammar errors.

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