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Project Management

In a car assembly plant, you are in charge of setting up the speed of operation for the line to reduce slack.Each crew/group of technicians at each station is designated to a specific task on the line.Their allocated time to spend on their tasks for each vehicle is limited and controlled by the Supervisor of the line assembly who controls the speed of the line, you.Remember that the line is moving with a constant speed, and you never “manufacture” anything on this line.

a.The process to make body of a car includes:

  • Welding 10 minutes
  • Painting & drying 20 minutes
  • Doors assembly – 3 minutes
  • Windows assembly – 5 min.
  • Electrical harness – 4 min

Note: Engines are made in different plant, like many other components, and they are brought to the assembly line to be mounted on the Chassis.

  • Chassis – assembly of all systems and components on the line include:
    • Engine assembly – 3 min
    • Power train“- 4 min
    • Suspensions- 2.5 min
    • Brake system – 4 min
    • Body assembly on the chassis – 3 min
    • Dashboard and wiring connections 2 min
    • Interior – total 9 min (upholstery 4 min; carpeting 5 min)

1 – Specify your recommendation on systems installation techniques to optimize the production by reducing Slack or “Wait” time on the assembly line, i.e. identify all systems or components that can be mounted on the chassis using this assembly line.

2 – How can you handle Body manufacturing to match the speed of the assembly line?

3 – What is the “Lowest” & “Highest” speeds (Speed = time allowed to do a specific task at any station) you can recommend for this modified assembly form to yield minimum slack?

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