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Project Management Study questions

I need 100 word or more response to each of the following:

Define a work breakdown structure (WBS) within project management.

Compare a WBS to project requirements?

Why is WBS important?

What are the five steps in building a project schedule and why are they important?

In this video chapter, we’re introduced to several different types of plans, including Change Management, Risk Management, Quality Management and so on. Select one of the plans identified. Using the Internet, search on your plan. Find a template example of your selected plan and describe your take on how you’d use it.

Cobb (2012) describes several different types of project schedules. Describe the various project schedules noted in the text. Select one and expand on the benefits and drawbacks you believe might exist when using this type of schedule.

Cobb, A.T. (2012). Leading project teams: The basics of project management and team leadership (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Sage Publications.

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