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Prince Institute Southeast Athletic Performance Question

The following two questions relate to guidance that you might provide to your clients in your work as a sport psychologist. Answer each of the following questions, in your own words. Answer each question in exactly two to three double-spaced paragraphs. Grammar, spelling, word choice, etc. count as part of your grade. You may use your text and your notes as resources in preparing your answers. You MAY NOT work with other students.

1. If you had to choose only ONE type of goal setting, which one would you suggest, and why? Give an example to support your choice, and explain why it is the right approach. In your answer, be sure to explain how goal setting, using your choice, will help the client make the most of the three ways that goal setting improves athletic performance. [two paragraphs]

Worth 40 points

2. What specific advice would you provide in order to ensure that your client has the best opportunity to re-start and maintain an exercise program? In your answer, be sure to provide specific information that will be helpful to the client as he or she begins the program and as he or she struggles with the deterrents to maintaining the program. Also, include an explanation and an application of the theory of planned behavior as part of your explanation to your client. [three paragraphs]

Worth 60 points

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