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Power Point Presentation

Component Two: PowerPoint Presentation Your comprehensive and professional presentation uses the information from your economic problem analysis and should be designed to be given before a group of executives who may or may not have an economic background, making it important that you include only the essential facts that your audience needs to know in order to understand the analysis of the economic problem and make informed decisions. You should imagine giving this presentation with the goal of highlighting findings in a way that moves the audience to make a decision. In a nutshell, you are persuading your audience to make a decision relative to actionable items. The following should be addressed in your presentation:

 Demonstrate your understanding of the economic problem and the situation that established the need for your research and analysis.  Based on your analysis, highlight your recommendations in a well-organized and clear manner. For instance, depending on your topic and results, you may have recommendations that seek to mitigate or address the economic problem, or you may develop recommendations, establishing a need for future studies.

Guidelines for Submission: For Component Two, you should use innovative and creative methods that are reflective of your project’s goals. Remember, it is crucial to know your audience and tailor your message to them. Since you will not actually deliver this presentation in person, you must create a self-sustaining presentation that uses audio. The presentation should adhere to the principles of an effective presentation, and all of your sources should be cited properly, following APA style. There is no minimum or maximum number of slides required. You should use your best judgment to create a presentation of appropriate length that will communicate the economic problem and analysis while keeping the attention of your audience. Although appropriate length would depend on the situation, a general guideline ideal for business leaders would be a maximum of 30 minutes. This time frame would allow for a focused core message of critical information, leaving little room for tangential materials.

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