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Portland State University Moving to A New Apartment Budget Worksheet

Now you’re ready to try developing your own spreadsheet from scratch. For this project, it may be helpful to draft out your design on paper and run it by your instructor before you begin your work in Excel. Project Setting: You have just moved into a new apartment and will be furnishing it with new furniture. Your kitchen has a stove, oven, and refrigerator; and your apartment complex has a laundry room. You will need to furnish your kitchen/dining area, living room, and bedroom. You have a total budget of $5,000 dollars. Using shopping sites located on the internet, find items you would like to purchase for each of your rooms.

Spreadsheet Requirements: For this project, you must create a sheet for each room. In each sheet, you need to make a table with the following information for each item you are purchasing: item name, description, website, number of items, cost per item, and total cost. Each table should have at least 10 items. The table should be sorted by item name and needs to include a total row that shows the total number of items for each room and the total spent.

When you have completed the sheets for the rooms, create a summary sheet that shows the total spent in each room (use a 3-D formula for this!), the grand total for all the rooms, how much money you have left, and an IF statement that shows if you spent too much or not. You will be borrowing the entire $5,000 and will be paying it off over a period of 5 years. You are borrowing at an annual interest rate of 3%. Write a formula to calculate what your monthly payment will be. In addition, make a pie chart that shows how much money you spent in each room. Things to remember: • Create sheets that are easy to read and understand. Use appropriate fonts, styles, alignment, and format to highlight key pieces of data. • Appropriate titles and headings must be used in all sheets. • All dollar amounts should include two decimal places. • Name your spreadsheet tabs. • Use functions and cell addresses in all calculations. When using the PMT function, remember to convert to a monthly interest rate. • Pie charts need appropriate titles, legends, and data labels.

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