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Polygraph and lie detector questions

6. Explain the research that has either proven or disproved the CVSA.
Note: NITV is the creator of the CVSA.

7.Do law enforcement agencies use the VSA? If so, to what capacity? Have they been successful?

8.From The book, The Lie Detectors, by Ken Adler, explain the higher meaning of “Machine vs Machine”?

9.From the text, The Lie Detector, by Ken Adler, demonstrate how Keeler and Larson were successful. Specifically, what was their path through the science and explain their difficulty.

10. Explain what the Conditional response theory is

1-2 paragraph answers with intext citations. Please use references below


Alder, K. (2009). The lie detectors: The history of an American obsession. Lincoln, NE: Univ. of Nebraska Press.

Fienberg, S. (2003). The polygraph and lie detection. National Academies Press. Washington, D.C.

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