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please write me a discussion

Make one argument assignment about any specific theme you saw represented in what you watched for today. I will post the materials then you can find the episode or book you need to watch, then write this argument. I will also post rubric and requirement for this argument assignment, so you can just follow it.

Mon 6/10 – finish first half of Brave New World [through end of chapter 8] DUE: respond to my discussion board prompt by 11:59 pm

Tues 6/11 – continue reading Brave New World [suggested: read chapters 9-13 today and chapters 14-18 tomorrow]

Wed 6/12 – finish reading Brave New World DUE: make an original post OR respond to someone else’s post by 11:59 pm (This book is very long, but you only need to write a argument include evidence from the second half of Brave New World. So just choose some chapter to read is enough)

citation requirement: I noted some consistent issues with MLA format, so for next time, here are some small things to keep in mind (I didn’t take off points for formatting this time, but I will in the future):

1) For titles of long works, such as novels, films, or TV shows, the title should appear in italics. For titles of short works, such as short stories, articles, or individual episodes, the title should appear within quotation marks. So for instance, you might write something like this: In the episode of The Twilight Zone called “The Obsolete Man,” one theme that is represented is….

2) For a parenthetical citation in MLA format, include the author’s last name and the page number on which the quote can be found with no punctuation in between. So, if you’re quoting from M. Keith Booker’s article, the citation will look something like this: (Booker 7). Note also that the period comes after the parenthetical citation.

When quoting time-based media, such as a film or TV show, the in-text citation is supposed to include the timestamp of when the quote is said. So that might look something like this: (00:15:47 – 00:15:-52). I recognize that this is really annoying, but please do your best with it.

3) For discussion board posts, you don’t have to include the more formal aspects of MLA format, like a heading and a works cited. You’ll need those for response papers, midterms, and finals, but for DB posts, the in-text citation will suffice.

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